Hello! ^_^

Hi all! I have been browsing Livejournal for the first time... and just looking up some communities that are interesting to me.

I've never done a HP character doll, but I do make OOAK polymer clay fantasy/equine artdolls. I like the idea of maybe one day doing an HP character doll... but for now (as my doll working time is consumed at the moment) I would just like to be a part of the community viewing and chatting! ^_^

Thanks all!

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Spoiler Protection

I seriously doubt that we're going to have any sort of problem with maliciously-spoiling trolls in this community, but since we do have "HP" in the comm name, I've decided to put posting on moderation for a little while, just in case. That means that if any of you make a post about a doll project, etc., it'll have to wait for approval from me before it's visible to the community. I'm online quite a bit, so hopefully nothing will end up waiting for approval for more than a couple hours, if anyone has a post they want to share before I take the moderation back off.

Hope you all are doing well, and working on some fun projects! I've got a few dolls in the works right now, but nothing close enough to done to share pictures, yet. Soon!
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Not new here, but I've lurked for a long time.

First, sharing: I made a Stephanie Brown as Robin doll for a friend, last year, and I had a great time doing it. Collapse ) Anyway, that was heaps fun, and I learned a lot along the way. (Like not to repaint the lips too often 'cos she'll look like she's just given someone a really thorough snogging. >_> And how much hair needs to be used for a really good re-root. And how not to ... Heaps, anyway.)

And it was fun, and I pleased my little fangirl heart; there should really be a lot more action figures of Steph. And a couple of separate people told me they'd pay for one like it. And I was like "um." But lately I've been wondering.

Do any of you have any experience with making money off copyrighted characters? Because I'm very poor, and would love to be able to make money doing something like this. Also, it'd be awesome to be able to do stuff and then eBay it. But - copyrights, and legal things. Is this a bad direction for thoughts to stroll in?

Wow, that was a really convoluted question. Anyway. Tips? Hints? Shrieked warnings?
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ye olde boring intro post

Hi there. I learned about this community through revena when we were talking on Girl-Wonder.org, and was immediately intrigued.

I actually got into the idea of customized dolls last spring semester, when one of my friends agreed to help me make a customized superhero Barbie as a birthday present. We never did finish her, since we got sidetracked by schoolwork, but now that I'm having my winter break I'm looking to get into dolls again. I'm mostly a DC Comics fan, so I'm likely to be making DC dolls--I've got a 1960s-style Green Lantern and Star Sapphire set I really want to give a go. In addition, I've just finished reading the delightful Howl's Moving Castle and have been inspired to make Howl and the three Hatter sisters. (Something tells me that even amongst all the girls, Howl will still have the prettiest outfits and hair. That is, if I can pull off something remotely pretty with my very coarse sewing skills.) Finally, I'm also a Classics major, so I might be trying some projects like Helen of Troy, or Livia, the first Empress of Rome.

Anyway, I'm mostly posting to introduce myself and let people know what projects I'm interested in, particularly if they have any tips. I've been wondering lately about both shoes and doll sizes/heights. First of all, shoes. Would you recommend making them? Buying them somewhere in the Barbie section of the toy store, or on the internet? Barbie feet are so incredibly weird that they're not exactly easy to work with.

Next, doll sizes/heights. This is particularly of concern for me for the Howl's Moving Castle project, wherein the three Hatter Sisters (Sophie, Lettie, and Martha) are of all different ages, and therefore probably all different heights. If I remember correctly, Sophie's about sixteen/seventeen, Lettie's about fifteen, and Martha's about thirteen/fourteen. Any good tips about how to make dolls varying heights and figures? I just found out today that Skipper was discontinued in 2003, which was rather disenheartening.

Thanks in advance!
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Four Finished Dolls, None HP

I haven't had a chance to work on my dolls much lately, but I realised the other night as I was organizing pictures on my harddrive that I never got around to posting pics here of a few dolls that I finished a while back. Under the cut you'll find gigantic photos (really big - I'm not joking) of four dolls I made for friends - three "muses" and one doll of an original speculative fiction character.
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Several custom HP projects

I adore customizing, especially customizing stuff for my two favourite fandoms, which are Buffy the Vampire Slayer and, of course, Harry Potter. I have a few pieces of work to show off here.

I have this kink about Ginny Weasley going completely crazy, becoming evil and joining the Death Eaters. I even have a WIP on that very subject called Lady Darkness, as well as numerous one-shot fics. So I decided to make a Barbie of my Evil Death Eater Ginny, or as she prefers to be called, Ginevra Riddle.

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I've also started to do 6-inch HP figures, primarily based off MAC/DST's Buffy the Vampire Slayer line. I know that's not usually showcased in this group, but I thought you might appreciate it.

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I'm definitely going to make more of these. I like pairs, so I've got to do a Tom Riddle to go with Ginny and Tonks will eventually get a Bill to go with her. I'd also love, love to do my favourite character, Remus.